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At HY-TUF, we take immense pride in being at the forefront of TMT bar manufacturing. Unlike many other TMT manufacturers, HY-TUF is a company owned and operated by people with a strong background in Metallurgy and Engineering. Engineering excellence is in the ethos of HY-TUF. The leadership team at HY-TUF has graduated from reputed institutions such as IIT and Yale.

Backed by a rich family legacy of 100 years in the steel industry, HY-TUF Steels is a pioneer in the manufacture of Thermex TMT bars and was the first to introduce it to the Gujarat market in 2000.

Our commitment to excellence, dependability, and promptness has established us as the preferred partner for both national and international developers, as well as construction enterprises of repute. HY-TUF TMT bars are today an integral part of numerous prestigious infrastructre projects in Gujarat. This includes the GSFC flyover and the state-of-the-art Central Bus Stand in Vadodara, the Varachha Flyover in Surat (Gujarat's longest), the Narmada Canal, and the Earthquake Rehabilitation Housing Project in Kutch. Our superior quality products have also been used in the National Highway 1 that connects Kabul & Kandahar in Afghanistan.

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Apart from conveying toughness, the name HY-TUF has a deeper meaning in the world of metallurgy. HY-TUF is the name of a steel alloy known for high ductility, toughness and strength.
It is commonly used in Aircraft Landing Gear, an application that requires the utmost strength and precision. Thus, good metallurgy and engineering excellence is in the very DNA of HY-TUF.
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